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Archive | December, 2013

Driving on Icy Roads: What to Do When Your Vehicle Starts Skidding (Part 1)

Winter is here, and with it, comes the ice and snow that can cover the roads and make driving far more difficult and dangerous. While it’s important to slow your speed and leave plenty of headway between your vehicle and other cars while driving on icy roads, in some cases, there is nothing you can […]

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Quick Tips on How to Check Tire Tread to Prevent Tire Blowouts (Part 2)

Continuing from Quick Tips on How to Check Tire Tread to Prevent Tire Blowouts (Part 1)¸ the following provides step-by-step directions on how drivers can use a penny and a quarter to check the tread on their tires. By regularly performing these tests to check tire tread, drivers can ensure that they are not driving […]

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Quick Tips on How to Check Tire Tread to Prevent Tire Blowouts (Part 1)

Although proper tire maintenance is an important component of the overall maintenance of your vehicle, all too often, people forget about their tires, driving on them until they are completely bald and, as a result, likely to experience a blowout. To reduce the chances of tire blowouts and the traffic accidents they may cause, it’s […]

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Former Kansas City Chief Players File Brain Injury Lawsuit against NFL Team

Five former football players with the Kansas City Chiefs have recently filed a brain injury lawsuit against the NFL team, claiming that they have sustained permanent, serious injuries as a result of brain injuries they sustained while playing football. This lawsuit also alleges that the NFL team was aware of the serious brain damage that […]

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Distracted Driving Car Accidents Caused by Eating While Driving

While a great deal of concern has been focused on the use of cellphones while driving and its role in causing distracted driving car accidents, eating while driving is another form of distracted driving that: Is not necessarily illegal and, as such, is quite prevalent among various types of motorists, including truck drivers, drivers of […]

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Fatal Motorcycle Accident Kills Celebrity Contractor Bill Beckwith

Bill Beckwith, the general contractor who co-hosted HGTV’s popular show “Curb Appeal,” was killed last week when he was hit by a vehicle while riding his motorcycle. According to law enforcement officials and the police report, Beckwith was riding his motorcycle at around 8:30 pm in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury district when, at the intersection […]

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Actor Paul Walker Dies in Car Crash, Speed Was a Factor

Actor Paul Walker, who is known for starring in the The Fast and The Furious movies, was killed in a fiery car crash on November 30, and investigators strongly suspect that speed was a factor in this fatal car accident. Authorities overseeing this case have reported that Walker was leaving a fundraiser that was being […]

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