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Apps That Can Prevent Texting While Driving (Part 2)

Apps like TextLimit and can help curb the practice of texting while driving and, in turn, prevent accidents and save lives.

Apps like TextLimit and can help curb the practice of texting while driving and, in turn, prevent accidents and save lives.

Continuing from Apps That Can Prevent Texting While Driving (Part 1), the following presents and discusses three more apps that can be effective at preventing texting while driving and, as a result, reduce the chances that your teenage driver will get into a distracted driving-related car accident.

  • TextLimit – This app, which costs $24.99 per year per phone that it is used on, lets parents disable a teen’s cellphone functions when that phone is moving at or above a certain speed. Despite this disabling of the phone when it is in motion, parents can still call and contact their teens. Additional benefits of this app are that it can send parents emails when teens are driving above posted speed limits and that it can qualify parents for discounts on their auto insurance rates.
  • DriveScribe – This app, which is free, creates an incentive system for teens to stop texting while driving. Specifically, it awards teens points for their safe driving practices; these points can then be converted into gift cards, which can be redeemed at retailers like

  • – This app, which costs $13.95 per year per phone that it is used on, lets drivers listen to text messages and emails that they receive while they are driving. It also permits teens and others to set up an automatic response of “I’m driving” or “I’ll get back to you soon” when messages are listened to. Given the cost, this app can be effective when parents are trying to monitor the driving and texting habits of more than one child.

It’s important to point out that, regardless of these apps, parents should:

  • Talk to their children about the dangers of texting while driving. Here, using real statistics can be effective a highlighting how dangerous this practice is.
  • Be the example that they want their kids to follow, which means not texting while driving themselves.

Littleton Car Accident Attorneys

If you have been injured in or have lost a loved one in a truck accident, car accident or in any type of traffic accident, you are encouraged to consult with the motor vehicle accident lawyers at the Law Office of Mike Hulen, PC. Meeting with one of our esteemed attorneys as soon as your health is stabilized can ensure that you ultimately have the strongest case possible, as waiting will start immediately running out the statute of limitations for your case and could even result in the loss of critical evidence.

Our trusted Littleton personal injury and accident attorneys have a proven track record of successfully handling car accident cases, wrongful death suits and other types of personal injury lawsuits, and we are experienced at helping victims and their families secure the maximum possible settlement for their losses. We encourage those who think they may have a claim to meet with us for a free initial consult to learn more about their legal rights and to receive a thorough evaluation of their case. Call us at (303) 932-8666 to get your case started at no upfront cost.

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