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Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

  Wrongful death lawsuits are a particular type of personal injury case in which one party (the plaintiff) seeks damages from another party whose negligence resulted in the death of the plaintiff’s loved one. It’s important to note that wrongful death lawsuits are civil – not criminal – cases and that, should the prosecutor determine […]

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Colorado Dram Shop Laws and Personal Injury Lawsuits

Dram shop laws, which refer to the body of statutes governing the legalities around serving alcohol to the public, can play a role in personal injury lawsuits that involve car or truck accidents allegedly caused by the drunk driving of one party. While dram shop laws differ from state to state, in general, they can […]

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Proving Negligence in Personal Injury Lawsuits

The linchpin of any personal injury lawsuit lies in the plaintiff being able to prove that the defendant’s negligence caused the plaintiff’s injuries. Although this may seem simple enough, proving negligence in court can be tricky, as it involves the plaintiff proving that the following: The defendant had a duty of care with respect to […]

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How to Prepare for a Personal Injury Lawsuit (Part 2)

As a follow up to How to Prepare for a Personal Injury Lawsuit (Part 1), here are some additional tips on what you should do to give yourself the best chances of moving your case closer towards a settlement: Figure out if there are any witnesses: People who saw the incident in question can provide […]

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How to Prepare for a Personal Injury Lawsuit (Part 1)

Personal injury lawsuits are an incredibly powerful way for victims of any type of accident caused by negligence to hold the negligent party accountable and to secure compensation for the injuries and losses sustained from that accident. However, as with many matters overseen by the courts, personal injury lawsuits can be complicated, drawn-out matters, and […]

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Trial Begins in Case of Truck Accident That Killed a Cyclist

A 47-year-old Boulder resident is facing criminal charges of careless driving associated with a fatal truck accident that occurred nearly two years ago. While the outcome of this criminal case could result in the defendant being sentenced to up to one year in jail if he is convicted, a guilty verdict would pave the way […]

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What You Need to Know to Be Prepared for a Deposition (Part 2)

Depositions are a crucial part of the pre-trial discovery process, as they involve all parties involved in the lawsuit (i.e., all witnesses, the plaintiff and the defendant) making statements under oath regarding the case. Because the things you say and your behaviors during a deposition can hurt you as much (if not more) than they […]

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What You Need to Know to Be Prepared for a Deposition (Part 1)

When an injured person is seeking compensation from a negligent party in a personal injury lawsuit, for example a lawsuit involving a motorcycle accident or a head injury, one of the initial phases of the process will involve the pre-trial process during which both sides (the plaintiff and defendant) gather evidence. A key part of […]

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Who to Hold Responsible After a Truck Accident

Should you be involved in a truck accident, the damage to your car and the injuries you may sustain will likely be far more extensive and serious than those associated with a car accident involving two passenger vehicles. The reason for this is that the significant weight of trucks means that they can impart greater […]

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What’s Actually Dangerous? 20 Surprising Safety Statistics [Infographic]

There’s a certain measure of safety and security in the mundane, everyday actions that we as people engage in. The mundane seems so… innocuous? Benign? On the surface, perhaps. In fact, the mundane is quite deadly. Your everyday, run-of-the-mill activities can kill you faster than a broken ramp could kill a Knievel. It’s what’s NOT […]

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Two Are Seriously Injured after an SUV Collides with a Utility Truck

Two people are currently undergoing treatment for serious injuries they sustained after their SUV collided into the back of a utility truck on the I-70 in the early morning hours of Monday February 11. The car accident victims include a 27-year-old man, who was driving the SUV and a 24-year-old woman, who had to be cut […]

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Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Cases in Colorado

For all civil law cases, including personal injury cases, there is a set time frame within which a person can legally file a claim against another party in order to seek compensations for damages or injuries that person sustained due to the other party’s negligence or recklessness. This time frame is legally referred to as […]

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Personal Injury Settlement Requires Seizure Training for Aurora Police

As part of a $100,000 personal injury settlement recently issued, all Aurora police officers will be required to undergo training on how to recognize and respond to people having seizures. The lawsuit that brought about this settlement involved an incident that occurred in December 2010, during which the family of a 54-year-old man called emergency […]

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Personal Injury Lawsuits: An Overview of the Trial Process (Part 2)

During a personal injury trial, the first phases of the trial process will typically involve jury selection, both the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s lawyers making opening statements and then both sides carefully presenting all of the evidence they have to prove their case. Following these initial stages of the trial, the proceedings will them shift […]

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Personal Injury Lawsuits: An Overview of the Trial Process (Part 1)

Although most personal injury lawsuits are settled before trial (through mediation or arbitration), in cases when the representative for a negligent party refuses to settle or is offering a substantially low settlement, your attorney may see your case to trial in order to try to secure you the maximum possible compensation for your injuries, mental […]

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How a Police Report Can Help Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

When police respond to the scene of any crime or accident, including car accidents, truck accidents or motorcycle accidents, they write up a detailed report regarding when and likely how the incident occurred, as well as whether anyone was injured or killed as a result of the accident. In personal injury lawsuits, although police reports […]

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After an Accident… First Steps in Filing a Personal Injury Claim

In the moment after any type of accident, you may be focused on your injuries and seeking medical attention to try to prevent serious health complications from arising. Once you have attended to you injuries and have regained some peace of mind, you may want to start considering whether you have the grounds to file […]

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Collecting Money After a Personal Injury Settlement Is Awarded

Winning your personal injury lawsuit – whether it be a wrongful death lawsuit, a car accident lawsuit, a nursing home abuse lawsuit, etc. – is oftentimes the first step towards securing the compensation you deserve. In many cases, the party who is ordered to pay you a judgment may simply fail to do so, which […]

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Three Cars Hit Pedestrian, Cops Still Searching for One Who Fled The Scene

A pedestrian crossing the street in Denver was hit by three cars a little after 9pm on Thursday January 10th. While two of the cars stopped at the scene to await the arrival of police, one car fled the scene of the crime, and officers are currently treating the case as a hit-and-run accident. The […]

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Facts About Car Accidents and Personal Injury Lawsuits in Colorado

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 6 million car accidents occur each year in the U.S. While a person dies in a car accident approximately 12 minutes, someone is injured in a car crash every 12 seconds in the U.S. Given the frequency with which car accidents occur, as well […]

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Two Pedestrians Killed in Car Accident

Two pedestrians were killed after a vehicle lost control and crashed in the parking lot of a popular Grand Junction cross-country ski area. The vehicle that hit the pedestrians was an SUV, the driver of which had suddenly swerved in order to avoid hitting another on-coming vehicle that had made a left turn from the […]

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Reckless Driver Cited for Hitting Woman, Infant in Crosswalk

On Saturday December 30, 2012, a man driving in Denver hit a woman and a 60-month-old infant who were crossing the street in a crosswalk. Denver police cited the man who had been heading east on Colfax Avenue when he ran into the two unsuspecting pedestrians at 3 P.M. After mowing down the woman and […]

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Motorcyclist in Critical Condition After Accident With Car

During the afternoon on Wednesday, November 14, 2012, a motorcyclist was hospitalized due to serious injuries he had sustained as a result of running into a car that made a left-hand turn directly in front of him. The female driver of the car, a General Motors Pontiac, and her baby riding in the car had […]

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