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Jack Knife Accidents

A jackknife accident is when the truck driver losses control of the truck, and can be described as the skidding of a hitched vehicle resulting in the rotation of the trailer. The tractor is rotated against the trailer. A large truck, or tractor-trailer, is made up of a cab and at least one trailer. A jackknife often results when the vehicle folds together. There is little to nothing a driver a can do when he or she realizes their truck is sliding on the highway. In a situation like this, the driver has lost control and can result in a deadly accident. Both the driver and others on the road are in a very dangerous situation.

Causes of a Jack Knife Accident

  • Driver Error- If the driver of the truck is distracted, or breaking and serving at the same time the truck is at an increased risk to jackknife.
  • Truck Defect or Equipment Failure- If the truck is improperly taken care of, and has brakes that are improperly adjusted, a truck is likely to jackknife.
  • Sudden Application of Brakes- It is most common that jackknife truck accidents occur when the driver slams on the brakes. This leaves the trailer with nothing to do but to skid because of the heavy weight of the truck.
  • Speeding- Trucks never should speed due to the unfavorable conditions that can lead a truck to jackknife.

Consult a Jackknife Accident Attorney

If you are suffering from injuries caused in a jackknife accident, you do not have to go through it alone. The experienced Colorado jackknife truck accident attorneys at Mike Hulen, PC are here to help you file a claim and seek justice. We will help you gain the compensation that you deserve. For more information and to set up a free consultation, call us today at 303-932-8666.