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Overloaded Truck Accidents

Truck companies today often run into issues or truck related accidents when they try to meet strict deadlines, shipping needs, or focus just on making more money. It is natural for a company to try to make more money, however it is important that the truck drivers, and other drivers on the road remain safe. Being involved in a truck accident can have devastating consequences. If a commercial truck is overloaded, it puts additional strain on the vehicle. When a truck is overloaded, the tires and brakes are at an even higher risk of failing. Overloaded trucks cannot handle or react to quick or sudden emergencies. This causes many dangers including:

  • Inability to stop
  • Debris falling
  • Loss of control
  • Excess damage to roads and highways
  • Jackknifing
  • Runaway trailers

Overloaded Truck Costs

When a truck is overloaded, this causes excess damages on the roads and highways. Loads that shift weight inside a truck increase poor road conditions, which ultimately cause more accidents to occur. On average studies has shown that the roadway damages from trucks range from 8 cents to $2.50 per ton-mile, depending on the weight of the truck.

Truck Driver Negligence

The failure of a truck driver or truck company to enforce regulations regarding load weight, load size, load distribution, or securing the loads inside the truck can be considered negligence. If your injury is the result of a truck accident, it is important to investigate into the cause of the truck accident, or the causes of the accident. This should include an examination of all the aspects of the load the truck was carrying including:

  • Size of the load
  • What was in the load
  • How it was distributed
  • If the load was properly secured

Seek the Help of an Experienced Attorney

The sooner you take action and call a lawyer, and they get involved in your truck accident case, the more opportunity you will have to gather evidence to build a strong case. This will help you gain full compensation for your injuries.