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Reckless Driver Cited for Hitting Woman, Infant in Crosswalk

Driver Hits Woman & Infant in Crosswalk

Reckless driver hits a woman and infant in a crosswalk.

On Saturday December 30, 2012, a man driving in Denver hit a woman and a 60-month-old infant who were crossing the street in a crosswalk. Denver police cited the man who had been heading east on Colfax Avenue when he ran into the two unsuspecting pedestrians at 3 P.M. After mowing down the woman and the baby, the driver ran into a nearby building. Following the car accident, the pedestrian victims were taken to a nearby hospital, where the woman was treated for multiple facial fractures and the infant was treated for a fractured leg. Perhaps the one upside to this hideous car accident is that none of the injuries sustained were fatal.

At this time, police have not reported whether the driver of the vehicle was intoxicated at the time of the car accident. However, even if the driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he hit the woman and the baby, he may still be liable to compensate them for their injuries, medical bills, recovery, mental anguish and other losses, if it can be proven that the drive was in fact behaving recklessly or negligently at the time of the car accident.

Some of the common ways in which drivers may be negligent or reckless and, as a result, cause a car accident include (but are not limited to):

  • Being distracted by objects in the car
  • Talking or texting on a cell phone when driving
  • Failing to obey traffic laws, such as by running a stop sign or a red light
  • Speeding
  • Failing to properly maintain a vehicle, which can lead to vehicle equipment malfunctions, such as brake failure

In such cases, it is imperative that car accident victims seek out professional legal advice regarding whether they have a case and the best manner in which to move forward. The skilled personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Mike Hulen, PC strongly encourage car accident victims to consult with us to learn more about their legal rights and entitlements.

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