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What’s Actually Dangerous? 20 Surprising Safety Statistics [Infographic]


There’s a certain measure of safety and security in the mundane, everyday actions that we as people engage in. The mundane seems so… innocuous? Benign? On the surface, perhaps. In fact, the mundane is quite deadly. Your everyday, run-of-the-mill activities can kill you faster than a broken ramp could kill a Knievel. It’s what’s NOT supposed to do it that does it. Simply going to work, watching television, or drinking from a plastic cup carry risks greater than skydiving, mountain climbing, or most natural disasters.

Man’s fear of the unknown starts childhood. The monsters in the closet and whatever’s out there in the dark all stem from our wildest imaginations – the realm of the brain reserved for your most outlandish ideas. It’s these outlandish ideas that carry with them doom and destruction and scare us into what we consider safety by focusing on the mundane. If it’s rote, it’s known. If it’s known, then it isn’t scary. If it isn’t scary, then it probably won’t hurt you. Right?

Dead wrong. If you spend your life refraining from all the fun things in life for fear of an early demise, this graphic should encourage you to throw caution to the wind and live on the edge. After all, it’s apparently safer that way. As you can see, there’s no reason not to take risks. Live a little. Swim with the sharks – your lawnmower will probably kill you sooner. Hop on that airplane – you have a better chance dying by falling out of bed. Death is sneaky, and hides right under your nose in broad daylight. Beware of the ordinary.

Take a look below at the most surprisingly covert causes of death on the planet, and remember, if we all live as crazy a lifestyle as is possible, we can eliminate death entirely!


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